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(lat. Cuprum) Cu


The basic product for copper production is the cathode.

The copper cathode is the starting material for further processing into high-quality copper products almost 100% copper. The cathode is a rectangular body that is created in which pure copper is separated from the raw copper in an electrolytic refining process. This process of electrolysis enables the degree of contamination with by-products to be kept as low as possible and guarantees absolute conductivity and constant quality.

We obtain our products exclusively from well-known manufacturers of high quality cathodes from Africa and Chile and deliver from 20 to 1.000 tons per month at standard delivery terms. In addition, we offer cathodes made from recycled copper.

(lat. Aluminum) Al

Standard bars, T-bars or ingots

The basic product for aluminum is the frequently occurring Rock Bauxite. It is composed of various aluminum and iron ores. The actual extraction of this light metal takes place with the help of melt flow electrolysis after complex chemical ore processing.

We offer primary aluminum for further processing in a correspondingly efficient delivery form.

An ingot shape adapted to your requirements enables the high-quality semiconductor aluminum to be further processed according to your production conditions.

Our products will be delivered by the most renowned producer of primary aluminum from all over the world. We deliver from 20 to 10.000 tons per month at standard delivery terms. In addition, we offer aluminum alloys made from recycled aluminum.

(lat. Titanium) Ti

Plates and rods

Although titanium occurs very frequently in the earth's crust, but almost exclusively in chemically bound form, as a component of minerals, it has to be extracted mainly from Ilmenite or Rutile in a complex thermal-chemical process. The light metal produced in this way is characterized by its low density, corrosion resistance and high strength.

We offer this extremely high-quality metal to our customers, like the other primary metals, in best quality and in highly pure condition for further processing as plates and rods. It is used in medicine, tool making and the aerospace industry.

We deliver from 20 kg to 20 tons per month at fair rates.