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to AOM GmbH!

AOM GmbH was founded in Munich in 2008 and supplies its partners all over the world with primary metals, raw materials and energy sources. The spectrum of our activity mainly includes trade. Starting with the establishment of trustful relationships with oil production industries and mining industries, extending it to final manufacturers of metal products and global players of mineral oil products.

The roots of our entrepreneurial activity dated back to 2001 and are based on the trade and rental of mining and classic construction machinery and industrial plants.

Since 2016 we are specialicing increasingly in the supply sector of primary metals for the automotive and aerospace industries. We also offer various alloys made from recyclable materials.

However, since 2020 our main focus has been on the international trade in mineral oil products and other liquid energy sources.

Through our close contacts to leading mining companies in South America and Central Africa, as well as to well-known oil production companies and refineries from the West European and the Middle East Region, we coordinate our capacities and know-how with those of our partners and thus offer the complete supply chain solution.

We finance our purchases and deliveries from our own resources and with the most common banking tools that are made available to us by our banks! Of course, we also take care of all import formalities.

We offer primary metals such as:

  • Copper (Cu) – electrolytic copper in the form of a cathode
  • Aluminum (Al) – unalloyed, in common forms such as standard bars, T-bars or ingots
  • Titanium (Ti) – as technical and medical pure titanium, also in common forms
  • Various alloys made from recycled materials

at fair rates.

We also physically supply fuels such as:

  • Diesel fuel – DIN EN 590 (2017-10)
  • Gasoline – DIN EN 228 (2017-08)
  • Fuel oil – DIN 51603-1 (2009-01)

Our slogan:
Customer service at the highest level – we guarantee you first-class products, quality and sustainability of our services!

That is why the entire product line we offer, is subjected to the strictest quality controls. This is also underpinned by quality certificates from the world's leading manufacturers and recognized appraisal companies and thus meets the requirements and demands of our buyers.

Every day we strive for the effectiveness of our services, expansion of product range, optimization of delivery systems, improvement of delivery conditions as well as close and lasting customer loyalty. Permanent availability of the goods and immediate short term availability, modern equipment enable us to process and deliver your order quickly. This makes us competitive with other well-known suppliers on the metal and fuel market.

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